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Sunday for booking private parties only at this time.

What is Tulgey Woods? 

Tulgey Wood is a location in Wonderland. It is a forest that never seems to end. Those who do not know it well enough often tend to get lost here. It is home to many bizarre creatures, such as the Mome Raths. It was created inside of Alice's mind during her sleep under the tree from the famous story Alice in Wonderland. Now there is an outdoor version of this set in the woods in Augusta Ga. The woods were designed by the imagination of, Cherish Danforth , whom has always related closely to Alice. She loved the story so much she recreated scenes from Disney's 1951 Alice In Wonderland through out the woods behind her home. The woods gave the employees of Graced Kennel a way to escape reality while walking dogs on the trails, as Alice did in the story. However, she couldn't keep the Wonderland to herself and wanted the public to enjoy the area as well. So she will officially be opening Tulgey Woods to the public for all ages on November. 18th 2023. The woods will have specific days and hours of operation and will be self-guided, with option to have a guided tour. All participates must register, sign waiver and pay entry fee which gives 1hr of private access to Tulgey Woods to enjoy nature and explore the trails. ToThe are also 2 ways to view the woods: during daylight or at night when it comes to life through solar lights. There are many options that can be booked as well such as booking for Unbirthday Parties, Escape Room, Alice movie and Trivia Night, Tea Parties and so on. There are even ideas for future glamping, Dark Alice and Winter Wonderland, and a fenced area with fun places to, climb, swing and jump for fur and humans of all ages. 
On top of all the excitement, the funds raised for this project go to support the 20-25 rescue dogs living at the facility until they find their forever home. Some will even be available to take for a walk on the trails.