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Brass Knuckle Pin Ups and Hands to Paws Rescue have joined forces to help their animals in need  by collaborating on this ongoing project. The original idea for fundraising was thought of in the beginning of 2020 , before COVID. We were about to launch this project when our fundraising needs drastically changed from a new training & learning facility to providing supplies and housing for our rescues during this tough time. There are a total of 26 rescues that board at Graced Kennel either because we have no foster available or because they need special handling and training before being ready to be placed with a foster or forever home. Business across the world have all suffered to some degree from the pandemic. Graced Kennels suffered a great deal as their business relies greatly on those that travel and go to work and may need daycare for their pet. Graced Kennel provides shelter & services to our rescues at a huge discount but  they are only able to do so if they stay open for business. The pandemic has caused some uncertain times for them and we know God will pull them and us all through this.  The long term goal and original fundraising goal for this project was for a Training and Learning Facility. This facility would be placed on land donated by Graced Kennel to serve as a location rescue animals can receive rehabilitation , behavior modification, socialization. The facility would also be a great source of information for pet owners, and those in the animal field to receive classes, seminars and demonstrations to help further their knowledge of animals. We are extremely thankful for Graced Kennel not only believing in our mission but also supporting us every opportunity they have.

Celebrating a Recovery Date 

Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden

The Cause

Theodore Earle, the founder of Graced Kennel and a huge leader in Alcoholics Anonymous. Ted, as everyone knew him by passed in May 2020 during COVID. Ted left an amazing legacy here at GK. He was a stronger believer in helping those in the recovery community and providing a safe place that cared for animals as deeply as he did. Graced Kennel continues that legacy by employing those in recovery and with difficult backgrounds as well as providing shelter for animals in need. Ted believed in us so much he was the first one to buy a brick before he passed. We wanted to find a way to honor his memory so we dedicated the Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden to him. Donations were gathered and we purchased the Saint Francis statue and a plaque you see in the garden today.

 Honor the love of a friend, family member or a special occasion. Become a business sponsor with your business name and logo.  Memorialize your love for a beloved pet on brick walkway throughout the rainbow garden located in a relaxing area located  to the left of Graced Kennel facility. Below is our vision for the memorial garden. Landscaping improvements and planting will be done by volunteers this Spring and  installation of the bricks will start this Summer. 

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In Memory Of Theodore Earle

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