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offers daycare, boarding, grooming & training in Augusta, GA serving the CSRA since 2008

2.Prevent Boredom &  Decrease Extra Energy

or this after a hard day at work

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or special care while you're running errands or at work

You have a pet that requires medication

Would you rather come home to this...


Advance Purchasing & Savings:
$ 85 day pass ( $100 value)
$160   10 day pass ( $200 value)
$300   20 day pass + free bath (requires appt.) (Over $400 value)

* Can only be used and purchased for full day of daycare 1/2 day must pay daily rates *

Prior reservations are required during peak season and holidays

Would you rather leave your pet here...

We give your four-legged friend the chance to run around and be a dog. Doggie Daycare can also be a great solution for those pets with separation anxiety, overly energetic youngsters, and the senior pets that need a little extra supervision while you are gone to work or out for an appointment. After a day at Doggie Daycare most dogs are ready to settle in and snooze the night away! Doggie Daycare play times are conducted just like our boarding play times. All daycare must provide the same vaccinations as boarding.

Daily Pricing:
$20 all day
$10 half day

1. Separation Anxiety

3. Senior or Special Needs Pets

or here all day

Top 3 reasons to bring your fur baby to daycare