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Our Dedicated Graced Kennel Family & Staff

Cherish ( since 2010)

Co-owner of GK, Manager, Canine Trainer, Kennel Technician, Landscaper, Carpenter, Web Designer, and anything else I'm needed to be.Lol

Favorite breed: Pitties

Graced Kennels in blessed and proud to employee those in recovery from alcohol and drugs since 2008. I have some of the hardest workers I know and some pretty amazing people that are so thankful to be given a chance to change their life. Everyone of our staff is in recovery and shares the same passion for animals. Check out what God has done in their lives

Jimmy (since 2012)

Co-owner, Pet transporter, Front Kennel Technician, Back Kennel Technician, Cherish's right hand man, Landscaper

Favorite breed: Pomeranians

Kathy (since 2015)

​Canine Trainer, Cherish's partner in crime, Front Kennel Technician, Back Kennel Technician, Adventure Pass Designer

Favorite breed: Any dog that's black and afraid. Lol

Naia  (since 2022)

Kennel Assistant, Back Kennel Technician in training, Personal Assistant in training.

Favorite Breed: Pitties with pointy ears

Kiara (since 2018)

Front Kennel Technician

Back Kennel Technician

​Personal Assistant

​Favorite breed: Corgi's