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Special Handling Fee



All new pets are charged a $10 New Pet Evaluation Fee for their first visit .

Extra Services Offered

Special handling fees are charged per day for those pets that either require a special place in in our kennel due to the following :

  • Climbers
  • Escape Artist
  • Dog Aggression/ High Reactivity
  • Fear Aggressive
  • Requires a special placement in the kennel due to their issues or at owners request
  • In heat females
  • High Anxiety Pets
  • Pets that only limited number of staff can handle
  • Pets that require a muzzle for safety during nails or other services
  • Pets that require more than 1 Technician to handle them at one time
  • Pets that are destructive to kennels and property

* Please note that these charges can vary from one visit to the next depending on your pets behavior. We have the right to turn away any pet that we feel is unsafe for our staff to handle or causes a safety concern for their self or other pets. We also have the right to turn away any customer that is disrespectful or abusive to our staff at anytime. *

Full day $22

Half day $10


Daycare Packages :

5 Day Pass: $ 95 ($110 value)

10 Day Pass: $185 ($220 value)

20 Day Pass  $360 + free bath (Over a $440 value)

Dog    $30 night / $28 Multi dog

Luxury Canine Suite    $40 night / $5 each additional dog

‚ÄčCat     $20 night / $18 multi cat

Exotic small pet  $15 night

* Owner must supply all food, bedding, supplies and housing *

All pets are subject to set up fee on the first night of boarding each visit.

Pet 1 set Up  $10

Multi pet set up  $5