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Playgroups are ran by Cherish Danforth, canine trainer and Kathy Ellis also a canine trainer and behaviorist. Both woman have are trained and follow the Dogs Playing For Life Program which they both attended in 2016 and 2018. Playgroups are held once a week on Wednesdays with our trained staff. Your pet must be social with others, neutered or spayed to participate. Prior to participating you must call and schedule your pet for a playgroup evaluation. Your pet must arrive by 8 am and remain at our facility until 1:00 pm for their evaluation to be completed. Your dog will be assigned a red, yellow or green color grade and information on why they received their grade will be available. Please understand that play group evaluations are seperate from new pet evaluations which we evaluate the first time a pet comes to our facility on their behavior in this enviroment, in our kennels and with our handlers. Your pet will receive both evaluation fees if this is there first time here and is also being evaluated for playgroup. If your dog has never been socialized or they have had issues socializing and you would like help with that then please contact our trainer, Cherish Danforth

Upcoming Playgroups 

​Please call 706-738-7168 to reserve your pets spot and also schedule an evaluation

What's a Good Way for Your Dog to Enjoy Their Stay???

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Graced Kennel now offers playgroups so dogs staying with us for boarding or daycare can play and socialize with each other