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Continue to support local businesses that contribute so much to our area, they are the heart of our community. Use precautions and limit human contact but don't stop supporting them. We all need to come together as a community and nation right now. If you can't donate, then share. If you can't share pray. Everyone has a part they play during these crucial times. 

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GK Monthly Maintenance Fee

Hands To Paws Rescue

It's with great thought and guidance from a higher power  that we at Graced Kennel have decided to close to the public until April 14th or further notice. We, as many local businesses and families are taking a hard hit from the financial effects of COVID- 19. We feel it is the best interest of the business and the community to close during this time. We are doing this to eliminate as many expenses as possible until income is coming back in.We will be sending out emails with more information to our customers. We will be ready to handle business with our trained staff once it becomes safer to do so and it 's financially safer to do so. We pray for each of you as we all deal with this pandemic. Our amazing staff has dedicated their time and is volunteering to continue to care for the animals that are currently in our care for three local rescue groups. If you are financially able to donate to one of those rescue , it is tax deductible, just specify it's for the care of GK rescues. We are also asking that our dedicated customers think about the following:

Please Help Graced Kennel stay in business!

Consider this... when the world quiets down and we reach some level of normalcy again you will want to continue to board your animals, take them to daycare and playgroups.... what is happening in the world right now may cause the end of Graced Kennels boarding facility if we don't get now...
so consider my personal challenge here...
How many times (maybe even now) have you joined a gym...pay your monthly fee...and never go...or go infrequently??
How about also doing the same for your favorite boarding facility?
Consider paying a “maintenance fee” to help us  survive this financial crisis which is a result of COVID-19.
How about paying a monthly fee of $25, $30 or even $50?? You may ask…how does this maintenance fee help? Your maintenance fee will be used to help keep staff employed and bills paid.
Wouldn't it be worth it to know that your pet will have the level of care you are accustomed to once things have leveled out and the world returns to some normalcy??
Act now!!

Support Small Businesses and Non Profits 

Brass Knuckle Pin Ups Rescue, Inc