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1. Customer should notify you by phone when they have arrived.

Customers should follow the cones and create a line to drop off and pick up in front of the steps. Remind them to remain in the car if there are other customers until the customer in front of them leaves. They will be taken in the order they arrive. Let customer know they may get their pets out on leash one at a time . Be sure we have departure date, feeding instructions, extra activities and up to date phone # while we have them on the phone.

2. Place gloves on your hands and grab a sanitized leash from the back (it may be wet) & paperwork if it needs to be done (only last resort)

3. Go to vehicle and ask that they get their pet out of the car, for you to place our slip lead on. Ask owner to remove their personal collars, leashes, etc ( they have to remove them)

4. Remember only pet at a time.

5. Tell the owner to place the pets belongings on the steps(be sure blankets are bagged from home or provide one for owner to place them in if they don’t have one)

6. Take dog inside lobby and attach to dog holder near dog cleaning station that has been set up in lobby

7. Use wipes or washcloth and dip to wipe pet down.

8. Discard wipe in trash and washcloth in other bin for washing. Only 1 washcloth per pet

9. Gloves should also be discarded before unleashing the pet . (all surfaces past that area should be cleaned and disinfected already)

10. Take pet to outside or area they are going

11. Place leash in solution bucket before going back up front

12. If another pet is being taken from owner then repeat full process from new glove to sanitizing leash. (every pet is brought in with a new leash)

13. Spray down all belongings with 256 or Rescue spray & let it sit before bringing it inside. All blankets should already be in a bag which should be sprayed down as well.

14. After 10 min bring blanket bag to back for staff to wash prior to giving to pet

15.. Thank owner for their patience during this time and assure them their pet in safe while here. Remind them to reflect back on departure instructions that were sent to them via email.

16.Wash hands for 20 sec.

17. All staff will be required to have their temperature taken before starting their shift daily

1.Customer should pull up to steps or fall into line and wait to be served.

Customer should call to pay over phone. We prefer phone payments at this time but if check or cash payment must be made please use gloves and ask them to place in an envelope we provide. Take gloves off after placing envelope in bin assigned

All phone payments should require the CVC code as well as zip code. Write pay by phone with customer name on the receipt

Tell customer you will bring out their pet’s belongings first.
Bring pet one out on any clean leash.

5.Allow owner to put their personal leash on them before you remove our slip lead.  

6.The leash should then be placed in the sanitizer bucket in the back.

7.Wash your hands for 20 sec

8.Wipe down all knobs and door handles 

Staff Pet Check In Safety Protocol

  • Use  hand sanitizer & spray sanitizer outside before entering the building in morning
  • Disinfect cell phones
  • Wash hands 20 sec before beginning work
  • Use clean leash between dogs
  • Front KT: Wipe down light switches, keyboard,mouse, credit card machine and phones off every morning and evening with Clorox wipes
  • Spray disinfectant on all handles and doorknobs after last employee enters and after last employee leaves in evening and throughout the day.
  • No outside customers or service people should be entering the building so lock the door
  • Please wash hands when entering building, before feeding/ medicating and after wiping a pet down.
  • Use hand sanitizer throughout day as often as possible and in between pets. Personal sanitizers have been provided for you to use while you are here in the basket up front. Please refill and leave for the next crew coming in. There are also numerous sanitizing stations set up throughout property
  • Refrain from putting hands near eyes or mouth at all times.
  • Please use good hygiene and shower daily
  • Refrain from outings or crowds of 10 or more people.
  • Try to limit space with others of at least 6 feet or more
  • Do not report to work if you are sick.
  • Notify manager immediately in the event that anyone in your household starts showing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Staff will be divided into 2 crews. You will only work with your assigned crew on specific days.

Staff Requirements in response to COVID-19

Staff Protocol for Pet Departure