Nature walk $15

Treat Filled Kong $3 each

Cuddle Session $10

Give your pet that extra activity they need to calm their mind and body. Your pup will be guided through our agility course obstacle using their nose and guidance from our staff. It will be lots of fun as your pet tries steps, ramps, and jumping through a hoop and over a bars. 

* This activity is per pet and weather permitting.Please schedule in advance​

Special Treats

Wondering what your pet is doing while you're away? Do you need to soothe that worried parent inside of you? Well, this is the perfect option for you. Pictures are started the day after arrival to allow for your pet to settle in. Don't worry though they will be ready for the spotlight the next day. Pictures will now be sent to your personal phone through WhatsApp.                                                 *Please scan QR code*

  * Price is per pet and those kenneled together from same household *

Schedule your pets activities on their Pet Instructions form prior to arrival.

See what's scheduled for this months adventure by checking Facebook for the most up to date information or our Daily Routine page.

Short Film Matinee $30

Pet Safe Icecream $3 each

Puppucino $3 each

Your pet will receive one on one belly rubs, smooches and butt scratches from a GK staff member for 15 mins. Let your pet crawl up in their laps for some quiet time.

Bedtime Story $3 night

Canine Puzzle Activity  $3 each

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Treasure Hunt Fun $20

Send me Pictures $3 day

Check out some of our monthly activities:

Agility Course Fun $20

Does your dog have more energy than most or maybe you want them to have some relaxing alone time.Schedule your pets nature walk around our beautiful 9 acre property with one of our kennel technicians. Walks usually last approximately 15 min. 

​* Must schedule in advance, weather permitting, subject to availability.* Price is per pet

A fun way for your dog to enjoy a nature walk around our 9 acre  property while learning the command "find it" and using their noses to locate strategically placed treats throughout the property. This activity is a combination of a nature walk and training session in one. The first loop around is where a handler will teach your dog what "find it" means and make it easy for them to locate treats. The second loop is when we'll expect your dog to let his/her nose do the work, and they'll be rewarded with tasty treats as well as enthusiastic praise and petting! This is a great way to allow your pet to be a dog.Sessions are approximately 30 min

Do you want to win the best fur parent award? Why not give your pet a unique cuddle session while they watch a short film that last 30 min with our staff. Your pet is sure to feel like they are the top dog with this special treatment of belly rubs and kisses in the surroundings of home , in The Dog House. The Dog House is a separate building located on the property set up to replicate the luxuries of home.Your pet and our staff won't want to leave.

* Must be scheduled in advance, subject to availability.

Your pet can get even more one on one attention with a bedtime story from our staff. Your pet will sleep like a bug in rug after being tucked in and kissed goodnight. Books are pet themed.

* Price is per night for pets boarding together in same kennel.