​​   Graced Kennel & Grooming

Have one of our GK family members read your pet a bed time story in their room before going to bed. Price is per night

Come see why dogs are giving us two paws up

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We love bringing a smile to their face

Canine Boarding Prices
$ 28 per night for first pet

* Additional $10 set up fee first night per visit

$26  per night for each addition dog

* Additional $5 set up fee first night per visit

* All first time pets are subject to a one time $10 evaluation fee.

* Any pet that requires a special kennel or handling due to being a climber, aggressive, in heat, due to owner request or health will incur an additional Special handling fee per stay. This fee may change per visit due to change in behavior or handling

Additional Charges:
$10  Bath for boarding canines only

( We reserve the right to turn down or charge extra for any difficult or aggressive pet)
$10  Nail trim  
$5   Special handling fee 

(Fence climbers or jumpers, some diggers, in heat female, aggressive pets)
$5 Provide your pet with a peanut butter filled Kong

(Great for chewers, puppies, anxiety, etc.)
$5 Photo & Report Card

( Have a photo and report card emailed or sent to your phone while your away)
$2 each      Pet Safe Ice Cream

$2 per night bed time story 

  • Report Cards done 2x a day to monitor your pets Intake & Elimination
  • No charge for playtime , love, or to administer medications
  • Manager lives on premises
  • Trained Professional Staff

Sleep Overs Include

  • Daily treats
  • Blanket
  •  Pet Bed
  • Toys at playtime
  • Lots of kisses and love

15 Open runs 4x12
These runs can be divided into 2  4x6 runs. Great for same family dogs that can't eat together or need a break from one another. These runs offer you with peace of mind that pets can safely stay together while you are away.

19 Runs with walls
These runs are very calming for the antisocial or aggressive personalities. Can also be used for smaller breeds or those who need more privacy.

Here at Graced Kennel we take pride in our sanitary conditions. We strive to provide an atmosphere where the pet feels just as comfortable as at home. Your furry loved one will have its own suite complete with a bed, toys, and fleece/cotton blankets,food,treats, bowls & lots of love.We also have smaller areas for those who need to adjust a little slower. The kennel is climate controlled and we also provide soothing music 24 hours a day.The manager, Cherish Danforth, lives on the property and checks on all pets nightly.All pets are tucked in and given a kiss at bed time.
Medication can be given at no extra charge. All medications must be in correctly labeled containers.
We provide food at no extra charge but please be advised that some pets may get upset tummies when you suddenly change their diet.
Report cards
are done on each individual pet two times a day to monitor behavior, feedings and eliminations.You may call to check on or speak to your pet as many times as you would like for free. You can also add a picture and report be sent to you for $5 each. Please see staff for details.
We discourage against bringing beds, blankets, toys, or anything of value with your pet during their stay.If you would like to have something with your scent from home for your pet we do encourage an old t-shirt for them to cuddle with. However, if you choose to bring your pet's belongings then please make sure all articles are labeled with your pet's name. Graced Kennel is not responsible for lost or damaged items. If food is brought, please make sure it is in a sealed container.
All play time sessions take place in our new outdoor play yards. The yards are fully fenced and 100% supervised during play time.  Dogs are not mixed with others here, they spend their play times with us individually to ensure that every pet is inspected and loved daily. Play session times depend on needs of each pet as well as the weather playing a factor. Pets are exercised a minimum of 3 times plus their play time.We have large new play areas that include kiddie pools, lounge areas, sand boxes, water falls and play equipment. We are making some exciting additions to our play areas in the spring . Click on outdoor play areas tab for a better look at what we have to offer.