1918 Colony Park Rd

Augusta, Ga 30909     


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Kitty Korner Lounge

This room has everything a feline could want, from toys to built in hide aways along the ceiling for those that like to climb. We also have a pet door that leads to a screened in porch for those lazy afternoon naps . This room has lots of large windows to offer a place to soak in the sun or to stimulate their senses watching the birds and squirrels. We offer a 4x3 ft. condo that has two levels giving the cats room to jump and climb around when they can't be out and about or for those that prefer to not be socialized. Your pet may play and roam the Kitty Korner Lounge provided they want to ,and can get along well with others. We will not force any feline who is not ready to venture out of their condo. They will have approx. 3-4 hrs of suprivised time to rome and play . We provide food, litter/litter boxes, a cozy bed to curl up in, all the toys they want, bowls & lots of loving.